Tatslife aka Jan Voskes



Jan was born in 1950 and practiced the tatting since 1956 (but at irregular intervals).

He has around 1956 learned the handiwork from his grandfather, who in turn had learned in a TB clinic. In these clinics tatting was used as a pastime. You can easily, even in bed.

After years of silence John around the year 2000 started making doilies and after several contacts with like-minded people, started making patterns as a hobby.

Making tatting occurs mainly at quiet times and the results are usually immediately given away but a thing yet to document there is a site set up.

In 2003, the first site created and which is now renewed.


Men and Tatting

Handicraft is mainly seen as something for women but there are in the Netherlands and the United States still several men who practice this craft.


Photo Album

During a holiday in France, a good friend took a series of photos while I'm tatting.