The basis for Frivolité consists of a double knot.
At the moment that the double knot has been learned, each pattern can be made. Again, practice makes perfect. So much exercise is a necessity.

The double knot is organized into four basic operations:

Around the fingers of the left hand, the wire is laid. The intersection of the wire is held by the thumb on the index finger of the left hand. The right hand holds the shuttle onto the way of the drawing. The arrow indicates the direction in which the shuttle should go.
The shuttle is under the thread between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand and returns back above the thread.
Now the first half knot is formed. The thread from the shuttle is pulled tight and the left hand makes the knot. This is the hardest of Tatting and takes the most effort to learn.
For the second half knot the shuttle will go over the thread and underneath back while going through the thread. Again the thread of the shuttle is pulled tight and the left hand is the knot.